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I don’t entertain World Star Hip Hop because there is always some off the wall, ratchet, ig’nant mess on there and I feel my brain cells evaporate. However, this video is wild ridiculous! I don’t know what the guy was doing on the train for the police to wrestle him, but they were not going to take my mans down. lmao.  I shouldn’t laugh because this is a little out of hand. They were really beating him with those batons. To watch two built policemen get shook by a teen in an Adidas track suit, they need their badges removed. It’s a new breed out there. And with all the injustice going on in the world right now, everyone is not with nothing. Eh. I hope he got away because on some real tip, if they catch him, they are really going to beat his ass. smh.

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Skittles and Hoodies

“This is not a black and white thing. This is a right and wrong thing.” – Sybrina Fulton; Trayvon Martin’s mother

This past Wednesday,  New Yorkers  as well as the family of Trayvon Martin, joined together at Union Square to demand justice for the teenager’s death. Martin was shot and killed the night of February 26th by neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, on his way back from the convenient store in Florida. The rally marched from Union Square to Times Square dressed in hoodies and carrying a bag of Skittles (what Trayvon Martin’s was wearing and carrying the night of his murder) yelling, “no justice, no peace“.   Hundreds of people looking “suspitious” held signs high with dedication and pride that evening.

I was in attendance with friends and appreciated all of the people (all races, ages, and cultures) who came out to support the cause and understood the importance of this case. New York has dealt with a couple of issues  publicly similar to Trayvon’s, howver it is still something that happens everyday that is overlooked. Hopefully this penetrates the minds of those who feel racism isn’t alive or the way you dress can’t determine your fate. It’s a very sickening issue, however all the protest going on in schools, neighborhoods, and in different cites across the states eases the sorrow to know many are involoved.

 Many different issues were being addressed out there. Occupy Wall Street protesters joined us as well as Occupy the Dept. of Education, who were protesting about the city posting their students’ test scores in the newspaper. The Million Hoodie March was peaceful, yet powerful and I wish all the rallies going on nationwide are the same. Only we can protect we apparently so keep it up and take heed to what is going on.

Rest in peace Trayon Martin.

 God protect us.

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Personal threads with Drake

“…and show up in a Margiela tux, I dont really give a f*ck and we only getting older.”

And with age, Margiela and any tux for that matter fits pretty well on Drake. GQ made history by featuring October’s very own in their first style issue for April. Jim Moore‘s fashion sense and Drizzy’s poise (and build) were a custom fit.

Drake speaks about his wardrobe slip ups in the pass and with the black is always a staple, but the suits/business casual look is perfecto.

I would just like to add: all of the haters who come at Drake’s style and features, take a close look at this video. Those eyebrows were threaded by your best Middle Eastern shorty, salutes to his barber, and that skin… Man listen, Aubrey is a gift all together; a tailored package and GQ represented this all so well.

Oh and Drake… you really don’t have to go to those dates without me…
I’m just saying.

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Word of the Day:


[ruhk] – n. – A large number or quantity; mass. The great mass of undistinguished or inferior persons or things

The ruck of the men were lower down than our two heroes, and there were others far away to the left, and others, again, who had been at the end of the gorse, and were now behind

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Word of the Day:


[FLEK-shoo-uhs] – adj. – full of bends or curves; sinuous.

Best cardio exercise would be to run a flexuous trail through the woods.

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Word of the Day:


[kuh-NIP-shuhn] -n. – a fit of hysterical excitement or anger.

I tried all I could to make your show. Don’t have a conniption fit. It wasn’t on purpose. 

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Spring is Here!

Today is officially the first day of spring and the weather in New York City has been pretty cool. This morning was really foggy, but I can deal(my hair on the other hand…). I’ve been waiting for the  warm weather for too long, Mother Nature. ‘Preciate it.

In addition to the season, the skeetchies will be out– appropriately and inappropriately, cargos and v-necks will begin to start their takeover, cleaning will be done and things will be trashed (nothing is exempt), and the Ariens will mob with their ram ways.

This is just the prelude to the summer. I’m sure it’s going to be a hot and live one. So if you have been slacking at all, get it togeva. (you’ll get used to be typing like this)You have about three months to handle your life before then. Hit the treadmill, get in the library, prioritize, and tighten up.

So toast to pink toes in sandals, pastels, beaches,  Easter fly, and park dates.

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Word of the Day:


[VUR-nl] -adj. – appearing or occurring in spring; of or pertaining to spring; fresh, youthful.

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Allow me to first introduce myself…

I’m Q. For those who already know me, wuddap doe! Newbies: Why hello there? I’m some redheaded jawn doing what I can how I can. In my other life I was a creole housewife living in Lousiana; hence the red top and the motherly mentality.  I love to bake, spell out accents, and express myself through sound. I believe I am a product of my culture. 80’s baby to the fullest though technically to the least.

I have a good understanding of how the world works. For me that is. The swindles, the fine print, the rewards. Not saying I know it all, but I know enough to manuver in the sewer that I’ve grown up in. Wanting to have a career in the music, I really live this. So you will see me rip apart a song, artist, production, or label as well as adore, fiend, and appreciate  it.

 Those born ’85-’91, this is for you. We are the future leaders of this thing we call the world. So what if our ambition and creativity is powered by drugs, music, and coonery. Greatness was always understood. Don’t matter how we get there, as long as we get there. It’s all a journey at the end of the day so make sure you look out the window, don’t want to miss the best part.

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