Skittles and Hoodies

“This is not a black and white thing. This is a right and wrong thing.” – Sybrina Fulton; Trayvon Martin’s mother

This past Wednesday,  New Yorkers  as well as the family of Trayvon Martin, joined together at Union Square to demand justice for the teenager’s death. Martin was shot and killed the night of February 26th by neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, on his way back from the convenient store in Florida. The rally marched from Union Square to Times Square dressed in hoodies and carrying a bag of Skittles (what Trayvon Martin’s was wearing and carrying the night of his murder) yelling, “no justice, no peace“.   Hundreds of people looking “suspitious” held signs high with dedication and pride that evening.

I was in attendance with friends and appreciated all of the people (all races, ages, and cultures) who came out to support the cause and understood the importance of this case. New York has dealt with a couple of issues  publicly similar to Trayvon’s, howver it is still something that happens everyday that is overlooked. Hopefully this penetrates the minds of those who feel racism isn’t alive or the way you dress can’t determine your fate. It’s a very sickening issue, however all the protest going on in schools, neighborhoods, and in different cites across the states eases the sorrow to know many are involoved.

 Many different issues were being addressed out there. Occupy Wall Street protesters joined us as well as Occupy the Dept. of Education, who were protesting about the city posting their students’ test scores in the newspaper. The Million Hoodie March was peaceful, yet powerful and I wish all the rallies going on nationwide are the same. Only we can protect we apparently so keep it up and take heed to what is going on.

Rest in peace Trayon Martin.

 God protect us.

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