Toast to the 2012 Graduates


First and foremost, shouts to all of the graduates of 2012!! Special shouts to St. John’s University and College of Professional Studies We AH’CHEA! For everyone conquering their dreams and those making your own path in this crazy thing called life,why not? Don’t let struggle defeat you; it will pass. Keep pushing. Keep grinding. We got this.

The world is ours. It’s all about the survival of the fittest. Who wants it the most? Who’s the hungriest? And most importantly (to me at least), the way you go about handling your business. It’s key. No matter what it is you strive to do, don’t let up on your hustle. Don’t ever think someone is not gunning for your spot. Perfect yourself and your craft. Keep in touch with your values, morals; your principles. Stay true to you.

In the words of a great one to another, “nobody built like you, you designed yourself.” 

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