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[Money Team] For The Bawse in You

Today I was making my daily reads on my favorite sites and came across this story by Carmine Gallo. You ever seen The Pursuit of Happyness movie with Will Smith? Well it was based on a true story (if you haven’t) and Gallo actually interviewed the real Chris Gardner. From homeless to millionaire, the spirit and ambition of Gardner should be inspirational to all of you who understand the must to take hold of your destiny and be your own boss. If I didn’t take anything else from that article (link below), I noted,

“… here’s the secret to success: find something you love to do so much, you can’t wait for the sun to rise to do it all over again.” – Chris Gardner

Got that? Now take it and be great.

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[iTunes Snatch] Wishing on a Star x Beyoncé

If you have never heard this song or even know where this song is from, you aren’t a real Beyoncé fan. #DontDebateMe But na, Live at Wembley is one of my favorite Beyoncé performances and I love her cover of this Rose Royce classic.

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[Can I Live?] Smoke Etiquette

Most of this is cool, but I’ll add:

*Don’t question any of the smoking activity if you have no contribution to the cyph.

*Do NOT leave saliva.

*Don’t be a feign (hesitant for turn, anxious to light up, smoking until there is nothing left -__- )

Uhm.. anything else?  Let ’em know below.


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[Video] BarrelHouseBKLYN Rooftop Recap

Big shouts to the great folks at BarrelhouseBKLYN!! The boy dem hosted their 2nd annual cookout this past Saturday and it. was. aye. zoo! If the cops didn’t come shut it down (reached capacity), I’m pretty sure it would have been insane. But I mean… It’s Barrelhouse; wouldn’t expect nothing less. Thankfully the great Slick Jackson captured all the turn up on that roof top. If you didn’t get the molasses out ya asses for this one, I advise you do so for the pool party. Until then, peep the madness and check out BHBK.

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[Video] Ross @ Radio Birthday Bash

Ross down in the A for Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash 17.

Self Made 2 – 6/26

God Forgives, I Dont – 7/31

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…She’s workin’ at the Pyramid tonight.

Big-sun-comin’ strong through the mo-tel – bliinds, wake up to a girl… For now les’ call her Cleeeeeuhpaaatra. 


I watch you fix ya hair… and put ya panties on innuh mirrruh. 




Then-your-six-inch. heels. 

Caatch ha…

She’s headed to the Pyramiii-ih-ihd.

She’s workin’ at the Pyramid tunight.

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