[Mood Tune] That’s Cool – Silkk they Shocker x Trina

It’s 4:08 AM (approximately) and I’m searching videos on YouTube… this video came to mind.

Lmao. Hahaha. I enjoyed this 11 years later.

1. Before there were N*ggas in Paris, there were N*ggas in Alaska.

2. Silkk the Shocker always runs over the beat. It was like he wrote verses without hearing the beats, randomly picked one, and said, ” f*ck it” every time.

3. Trina had the shoulder move the whole video.

4. Shorty who was up in the cabin dancing with Silkk gotta go. She dances the way he raps.

I swore I was a No Limit Solider.

Yeah, I still am.

Brrrrrrrrhaa! Stick it! Ha! HaHa! Stick it!


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