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Big Sean x Detroit Artwork x How It Feel

I’m actually excited for this. I like Big Sean. I know plenty of people weren’t appreciating his witty rap style  and skinny nigga flexin charm in the beginning, but now it’s about time. Scheduled to drop next Wednesday, Detroit may be filled with present and 70’s soul the Playa way. Big Sean released a preview video for “How It Feel” from the upcoming mixtape, showing us that the young D-Town cat just trahn enjoy finally being famous.


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I hope you all started the day off with positivity and good vibes. If not, get to it. I promise you if you have access to read this, it isn’t that bad!


…. I found my tablet by the way. Where was it? The last place I left it. -_________- It’s the drugs. 


Ennywehdoe, I’m going to go share fun stuff now. =)


Yeah.. I apologize for the absence. I’m a peen. And what’s even more annoying than being a peen is in my tablet, I wrote a good amount of ish I wanted to share. I wake up this morning… couldn’t find it anywhere!!!!!! But it has to be near so I’ll relax. 

Besides that, I’m going to get my life back in order via cyberworld. Bear conmigo. 

In the meantime, I hope you are all staying positive, curving the bullshit and smiling. =) 


Be back when the sun goes down.