[Mood Tune] Buddy x Musiq Soulchild

Of course the ultimate shuffle daddy, Pandora, laid this throwback track on me. Automatically giving that summer crush vibe, Buddy by Musiq Soulchild is a great song. The Taana Gardner sample from Heartbeat makes me want to hit the wop instantly every time.  You hear so much about the ninja cuff, but Buddy was kind of the anthem for that cuff on the low.

Of course you start off willing and ready to become the boo:

(Sometimes) and maybe I can call you up (sometimes)
And maybe I can take you out sometimes/
So let’s exchange digits and later arrange visits
Either your place or mine, yeah/

But there’s no titles so you can’t be trahn wild out on the other person:

But, but wait, let me explain it
A buddy is an equal beneficial arrangement/
A buddy is a buddy that don’t be complaining
When his or her buddy ain’t the buddy they came wit/

After you get past that (which is usually where shit gets tangled and amnesia sets in), you swoop in for the snatch, 

Baby, what I’m really tryna say is that
The definition of a real buddy is that/
She’s that one down to have fun
And ride shotgun through the city with me/
Together, there’s no limit to what we can do
And once we in it, girl, it’s all about me and you/
So baby, what you say? Don’t pass this by

Or na? Hmm.. #TheTunesBeKnowin

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