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[Verse of the Day] One Minute Man Remix x Jay-Z

Today I had to change the bars to a verse for Hov’s Day. The early 2000’s was live for hip-hop and Jay was jumpin on tracks and murdering them (Supa Ugly dropped the end of 2001.. ughh!) Missy was holding it down heavy and when One Minute Man dropped, it was spinning nonstop. Jay came *pause* on the remix and switched the whole connotation of a “one minute man” and how smooth was that?! Shouts to my sweets Zack (cant think of your twitter name -_-) for him putting this tune in my ear.

Fifty grand I get this on one take…
Look, I’m not tryin to give you love and affection (uh-huh)
I’m tryin to give you sixty seconds of perfection (uh-huh)/
I’m tryin to give you cabfare and directions
Get ya Independent ass out of here – QUESTION?/
I’m not your man, not Ralph Tresvant
Not Ronnie Romance.. no ma/
I’m tryin to hit you then put you in the middle of the round
like I’m Roberto Duran.. no mas/
Six A.M. another chick in the house (put your hands up)
6:15 another chick kicked you out (put your hands up)/
Spend one minute tryin to dig her out
The other fourteen tryin to “put it in her mouth”/
The dick too chubby, too much’ll make you love me
Now be a nice wifey and run home to your hubby/
Cause we, both knowin what we doin is wrong
Don’t forget to put your ring back on/



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Favorite Jay-Z Album?

I do not know how people can pick ONE favorite album from Hov. That is so impossible to me. I mean, yeah there are some that bump more thoroughly than others, but ONE favorite, I can’t choose and I’m so sincerr!

However here are some of my favorite albums that I can bump daily:


Reasonable Doubt- This album is ONE of my favorites because it is the epitome of a hustler’s journey. From friends, enemies, the paranoia, the perks, shit is just great.


Volume 3 : The Life and Times of S. Carter – Has thee joints I was bumpin’  so loud in 4th grade lol


The Blueprint – REGULAR! 2001 Jay came spitting tracks out easily!


The Blueprint 2 : The Gift and the Curse – Hova Baby? Poppin’ Tags? MEET THE PARENTS? Bitches & Sisters?  Yeah, another one of my fave albums.


Jay-Z Unplugged– This?! So Soulful.


The Best of Both Worlds – Whaaatt? Definitely was jammin’ to this. Some people hated it, but It’s Jigga and Kelly. Two of my favorite people.


The Black Album- Kuh. Nuff said about this one. Definitely top in the favorites. What a piece of work. Definitely remember when G-Unit’s Beg For Mercy dropped as well and I just had to cop them both. Good time in hip-hop. But this album!! >> The beats and collabs? The vibe of the whole production… just.. great.  Allure!?! okay, I’ll chill.


Kingdom Come- Yeah so what Jay decided to come back? And many did not really appreciate this album, but being a loyal fan, I copped and loved it. Beach Chair. Hollywood. Yeah.

Jay-Z-American Gangster 2007 CDRip WAV

American Gangster- MY. EFFIN. SHIT!! Reminded me of Reasonable Doubt just in a scripted way (duh) and gives me some of the highest motivation out of Jay’s discography. Favorite album I think, lol. For certain reasons. 

I mean, those are my thoughts. My bible consists of scriptures from these albums (and the others) What are your favorites or favorite? If you dare to limit the greatness that is.

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Happy Birthday, J-Hova!


Shawn Carter was born December 4th/weighing in at 10 pounds 8 ounces. He was the last of my 4 children/The only one who didn’t give me any pain when i gave birth to him/And that’s how i knew that he was a special child

Miss. Gloria was dead on. I don’t know how many years it has been that I have held high loyalty to Jigga man, but it will not go away. People confuse my birthday for Jay’s (I dead used to ask my mom why she didn’t have me earlier) because my appreciation is that real. I thank you, Jay. You have always had a flow that was interesting to listen to and easy to recite that I can answer all to life with lyrics from your records. The power and creativity to make me feel like I was the one on corners late night hustling with ashy knuckles remains the reason I stay loyal to your craft. Folding the street mentality smoothly into the corporate world is inspiring and you have done this so well. From Roc-A-Fella to Roc Nation, from Obama on the text to Brooklyn Nets at Barclay’s, thank you for being an idol for so many and having a talent your fans will forever appreciate. It’s your 43rd year and I’m sure you are mighty thankful for what this year has brought you. God bless you, Bey, and Blue Ivy.

 We loooove you, Jigga. 

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