Favorite Jay-Z Album?

I do not know how people can pick ONE favorite album from Hov. That is so impossible to me. I mean, yeah there are some that bump more thoroughly than others, but ONE favorite, I can’t choose and I’m so sincerr!

However here are some of my favorite albums that I can bump daily:


Reasonable Doubt- This album is ONE of my favorites because it is the epitome of a hustler’s journey. From friends, enemies, the paranoia, the perks, shit is just great.


Volume 3 : The Life and Times of S. Carter – Has thee joints I was bumpin’  so loud in 4th grade lol


The Blueprint – REGULAR! 2001 Jay came spitting tracks out easily!


The Blueprint 2 : The Gift and the Curse – Hova Baby? Poppin’ Tags? MEET THE PARENTS? Bitches & Sisters?  Yeah, another one of my fave albums.


Jay-Z Unplugged– This?! So Soulful.


The Best of Both Worlds – Whaaatt? Definitely was jammin’ to this. Some people hated it, but It’s Jigga and Kelly. Two of my favorite people.


The Black Album- Kuh. Nuff said about this one. Definitely top in the favorites. What a piece of work. Definitely remember when G-Unit’s Beg For Mercy dropped as well and I just had to cop them both. Good time in hip-hop. But this album!! >> The beats and collabs? The vibe of the whole production… just.. great.  Allure!?! okay, I’ll chill.


Kingdom Come- Yeah so what Jay decided to come back? And many did not really appreciate this album, but being a loyal fan, I copped and loved it. Beach Chair. Hollywood. Yeah.

Jay-Z-American Gangster 2007 CDRip WAV

American Gangster- MY. EFFIN. SHIT!! Reminded me of Reasonable Doubt just in a scripted way (duh) and gives me some of the highest motivation out of Jay’s discography. Favorite album I think, lol. For certain reasons. 

I mean, those are my thoughts. My bible consists of scriptures from these albums (and the others) What are your favorites or favorite? If you dare to limit the greatness that is.

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