Back Like I Never Wanted to Leave


OMG.  As I’m writing in this white box, I feel so much better. I have been saying repeatedly that I’d revive this baby! It has been three years, bro. Three fawking years and the amount of shit that has transpired, the people removed, the goals accomplished and the fucks provided have varied. I believe my journey of self-improvement and expression pulled me from the keyboard and into life. Kind of like if you are always working in the office and it’s time to go into the field and use what you know… Except, that’s why my ass was in the office. Too much to say, minimal fucks considered; none given and not enough people working on themselves in the same fashion. Fast forwarding to today where the last couple of days have reassured that I will not and do not have to censor myself for people anymore. When I use “censor”, it’s in the terms of mincing words, overly considering people/situation, muting your true feelings, guilting yourself and all of that jazz. It’s just quiet for taking people into consideration because as the times go on this world, people seem to move with their own agenda in team settings. This is in work, relationships, roommates, business partners or whatever else. Being a very defensive responder, I peeped how that was ruining my communication with others so I got on it. Mainly because when I could be in the right, others would defending themselves instead of owning up to bullshit.


That easily makes me go to 100 real quick. Not aspiring to be the hothead my entire life so I work on it. Daily. Self-evaluations, crystals, chiropractors, exercise, contacts cleaning, Prayer, preach practicing, integrity, truth…. I can go on and on but what’s more important is that we all continue to better ourselves and be true to ourselves. LEARN YOURSELF! Learn why you have triggers, what triggers it and how you can help it. Learn ways to better cop with situations in your life. Do things that make your overall being happy; not what your lower self is convincing you to do. This world wide web is full of bullshit but also MUCH resourceful information given to you from so many different perspectives at that!

I say all of that to say this: I’m back. It’s needed. October begins tomorrow & that’s another 31 days for us to better ourselves, fine tune the details that we see in our Ultimate Self view. This country alone is off the shits and as individuals we really need to always be in our better person bag. People are dying and killing for less. So stay woke and out of your feelings negatively. Push all positive vibes and no that NOTHING happens for NO reason. That’s why the statement breaks English language rules. Observe yourself, know yourself, nourish your soul. Thank you all for reading and allowing me to cleanse a bit. It’s whatever your vice is remember? And mine, is speaking. When you find your voice, your reason, your purpose, getting high off life is the only desire.  What are some of your goals for next month? Share and help enlighten others. Sometimes (actually all the time) we need enlightenment from each other. =)


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