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[Bars of the Day] I’m Me x Lil’ Weezyana

…And I stay on my flow Cash Money like a rug
Tied to the fuckin’ Birdman like a Lug/
And dear Mr. Ronald Williams,
To you I shall forever give thanks like a pilgrim/
Cash Money million, heir to the throne Going at their heads like hair in a comb/
Sittin’ by the window, I just stare at the stone
Knowin’ I might get through it like hair in a comb/

This song will always get me hype, then sad, then angry. (Just like Sky Is The Limit)

hyped because: … these lyrics. the delivery. the dedication. the word play. ugh! Just Wayne man. Had to call him LilWeezyana on this one to pay homage.

sad because: … am I ever going to hear Dwayne Carter pre-No Ceilings ever again?!

angry because : … probation got my lil’ whoadee talkin’ blah blah and racking up skateboarding injuries. Pass my man a couple Ls and a cup of Dirty Jones; cut his dreads back to mid-shoulder length, and let the martian cook.

Until then, I’ll listen to old Wayne and appreciate it.

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[MoodTune] Earthquake x Lil’ Wayne

I was singing this song in my head since yesterday morning. Earthquake is always that playa tune for me. Definitely in the top favorite songs along with it’s original (R.I.P. Al Green). This was Tha Carter 2003-04 Wayne when he was nesting in the game for real. Seeing the video took me back to one of my favorite times in hip-hop. Errup Fresh was in the video being that guy! (I love Mannie Fresh, gawd) Shout’s to Baby, young Reginae and Wayne little dreads. (His hair helps tell the story of his whole career though) Jazze Pha made this song the groove absolutely. (I’m way mo’ fly than you/ I’ll take yo dime from you cus she wonna spend all night with mee-eeeee-eee) and Wayne’s verses were rockin’ (Bars of the day.) This song is the anthem until later on tonight. But then again, it’s always the jam.

I appreciate YouTube for things like this.

Sigh… I miss Wayne…

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[Video] Right By My Side – Nicki Minaj ft. CB

The key-yuuuuuttteest video though! Nicki is seriously a Barbie doll and you can see it all in this video. The video looked like it was something straight out of Mattel’s Barbie stories. Nas playing Ken and “old Nicki” surfacing was a nice touch to a fairy-tale vibe. Bottom line: Nicki knows what she is doing and she DOES this; hence the funny face at the end after tonguing down Nassir’s flee ass. (We will soon hear about that experience) kuh. Chris was handsome as always and Nicki was just gorgeous. I thought it was all just adorable. My favorite video since HYFR. #DontDebateWithMe

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