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[R.I.P.] Chris ‘Mac Daddy’ Kelly

Chris Kelly (right), 1/2 of So So Def’s rap duo, Kris Kross, passed Wednesday May 1.

We thank you for the energy, the backwards clothes swag and making the 90’s jump!
God bless you and yours. Rest in peace, King.

08/11/78 – 05/01/13

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[Video] ‘Til I Die

 For the simple fact that the Chris Brown, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa are all animated rappers,  adding Jamie Kennedy, Redman, Method Man, and Snoop in the video was a great touch. Chris Brown was definitely some VA skin working for HSBC while Big Sean makes the bird chest and chain thing look good. Wiz gets the bong award from Silas and Jamal and they ride out with a few choosers. I see you Breezy in the directing chair. Fun video.

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[Video] Right By My Side – Nicki Minaj ft. CB

The key-yuuuuuttteest video though! Nicki is seriously a Barbie doll and you can see it all in this video. The video looked like it was something straight out of Mattel’s Barbie stories. Nas playing Ken and “old Nicki” surfacing was a nice touch to a fairy-tale vibe. Bottom line: Nicki knows what she is doing and she DOES this; hence the funny face at the end after tonguing down Nassir’s flee ass. (We will soon hear about that experience) kuh. Chris was handsome as always and Nicki was just gorgeous. I thought it was all just adorable. My favorite video since HYFR. #DontDebateWithMe

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iTunes Snatch

Brandy is back in the studio and this joint happens to feature Chris Breezy. “Put It Down” is the first single off the comeback album in the making, Two Eleven. With Bangladesh on the beat, Moe-to-duh re-introduces us to her 90’s raspy vocals with a 2012 bounce and some light bars (shouts to Sean Garrett). Chris raps a verse with some Big Sean high pitches and J.Cole aggression… it type goes though. Possible a summer record? What do you think?

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iTunes Snatch

 Is Khaled warming us up for the summer? I’d say. I personally appreciate the record for a couple of reasons:
*Chris Breezy rides the chorus, pause.
*Nicki isn’t Roman Zolanski (YES!).
*Wayne is on some type of drug again. 

This is definitely a banger and the 305 Dade county  feel will rock in the strip clubs. I’m sure some of the best clappuhs are practicin’ to this record right now.  You tell me.

 “I’m in my zone, damn near got my eyes closed. One shot, two shots. I’m gaooowwwn.”

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