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Loso x Soul Tape II

Street fih-didididaaam! After Fabolous kind of blew me with There Is No Competition 3, I kinda put him in timeout (I believe the first T.I.N.C. murders them all.) However, “So NY” is not bad and according to the Bad Guy (say hello!),  Soul Tape II will be dropping Nov. 22. I’m anticipating this one because Soul Tape was pretty well done. Already in love with the Soul Tape series style and context, I”m sure Fab has pulled some nice beats and samples for this second go ’round. We shall see.

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Studio Love

Besides loving music, being around some of the best personalities in radio, and cracking jokes, I love hearing the exclusive records.

Tonight, Clue is droppin’ “Touch’N You by Ricky Rozay ft. Ursher on Power 105.1 at 6:58 pm.

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iTunes Snatch

Thursday night I was in the car doing hoodrat things with my friends, when I heard an unfamiliar beat peaking through the speakers. Interning at a radio station, you know when a new record is on air instantly. Only catching the end of this song, I go to my hand dandy iHeartRadio app  to tune into DJ Clue because of course he’d be the one to premiere the record and play it back a couple of times. CLUTCH!

Basically… I’ve been listening to Mercy on repeat since. Yeah, Ye’s Theraflu got put on pause for this G.O.O.D. production ( Shouts to Lifted on the beat). The blend of Houston swag, trap knock, and dancehall ting (Shouts to Fuzzy Jones, R.I.P.), results in an inevitable bounce. Everyone did their thing. Big Sean starts off with his witty flow, Pusha T wellcrafts his drug talk as always, Ye talked his shit as usually which created a great build up for …..  2 Chaaaaiiiinnnnzzz! Mercy was his turf, excellent selection to end the record. Truuueeee.


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