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[Bars of the Day] Drag-On x Spit These Bars

Now if you don’t know me personally, you don’t know how much of a thug I am. Duh. But today’s pick for Bars of the Day solidifies my G. When I think of songs like this, it reminds me how much I live and breathe hip-hop culture on all of its levels. The whole Ruff Ryders movement had most of us screaming “Ruff Raaahhduuhhhz” and trying to pop wheelies on whatever allowed us. I remember always bumping my mom’s Opposite of H2O heaavyyy. To this day, I spit “Spit These Bars” off the top as if it was released within the last two years. Swizz blessed the hook and it was perfect for our 8-10 year old asses to sing along considering mothereffer would have easily fit perfectly.  Drag-On’s voice was similar to DMX, but a bit calmer; flow was nice nevertheless. The record was just…. Double R. Daws really it. Slick lyrics, raw beat, hood party track.

A-yo I spit these baaars to make ya head shake
Fuck bitches ’til the bed break/
Let’s see how much lead you can take
Never let a nigga pay for what I give away/
We can all share
Clip to my waist it’s all spare/
So run dammit, run 
When I bust my gun/
I miss none-
Put y’all in critical condition/
I’m the-talk’uhduh town when it comes to fuckin’ bitches
Or- layin’ niggas down/
Drag bust the most rounds

It took me so much not to write out all the lyrics and the video got me excited. *looks for a four wheeler.* Check it out.

Sings *do my laydaays, run this uhh-uhh? yes-they-do-run this mutha-uhh-uhh.*


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