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[Bars of the Day] Whip Pussy x Lloyd Bank$

Today’s song came from my “only fucking with the best spittas” archives. Mr. Bee-ay-en-kay dollar sign has always been my “punchline king.” I remember when Bank$ only had a couple of tats excluding the ‘South” “Side” on his hands. XXL featured the yellow guy of G-Unit in an article for his top ten (I believe) punchlines ( I still have this clipping somewhere). Banks just wasn’t winning on the commercial side. “On Fire” was probably the largest song and that had it’s time as well. Either way, I’d bump some Banks any day.

Which brings me to my jam! Whip Pussy is one of my favorite records. The flow is nice, the concept is quite relevant, and the lesson, you better learn it.

You’ll agree if your anything like me
before I die of a pussy id give up my right knee/
loosen up yo handcuffs when u come around me
she aint the only fish swimming in the sea/
I whip pussy don’t let pussy whip me
see ima tell u the way my poppa told me/
especially if the broad stuck on me
dont keep a caged bird let the mothaf**ker free

I didn’t pick the chorus for today’s bars, however, I love slick shit. Never heard this? I gahchew right now =)

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[Bars of the Day] Back Down – 50 Cent

“Any living thing that cannot co-exist with the kid
Must decease existin’ little nigga now listen/
Yo mami, yo papi, that bitch you chasin’
Ya little dirty ass kids, I’ll fuckin erase them/
Your success is not enough, you wanna be hard
Knowin’ that, you get knocked, you get fucked in the yard/
Youza poptart sweetheart, you soft in the middle
I eatcha for breakfast, the watch was an exchange for your necklace/”

In correlation to the whatever-the-hell-you-wanna-call-it between Fif and French Montana, I had to bring out one of the top career ending rap songs in history. After hearing “Back Down” you either had to be cracking up or feeling extremely sorry for Ja Rule. The song from beginning to end (yes, including the skit with the drag, holllaa!) 50 ripped Ja Rule’s life in 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Just a little reminder for those who seem to easily forget. Murda Inc. had hiiiitttsss! They were running the game for a minute to the point where we really were accepting Ashanti’s vocals a lot more and letting Ja Rule breathe strained harmonies on  records.  “It’s Murdaaaaaa” was the chant, Irv was winning and Ja was coming out large….

…and then there was 50. Ha! It got silent, G-Unit came through with no limits and Murda Inc. was murdered. Now Ja is locked up talmbout he’s having an awesome time and meeting amazing people. ( .__.   ) …

Bottom line, anyone coming for 50 should take heed to the history. However I would love to see Curtis show out. One time for “Get Rich or Die Tryin” hunger.

*grabs popcorn*

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[Song of the Day] Don’t Push Me

This is definitely one of those songs that come into my head randomly. A nice little throwback joint, but still a banger. 50, Em, and Banks were not the ones to push… at all. Shouts to Get Rich or Die Tryin’ being THAT album.

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