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[Never Forget] Kanye West xx No Excuses


I came across this  yesterday and soooo much appreciation filled my soul. First thing I thought of was:

Y’all don’t know my struggle!
Y’all can’t match my hustle!
You can’t catch my hustle!
You can’t fathom my love dude
Lock yourself in a room doin’ five beats a day for three summers
That’s a different world like Kree Summers
I deserve to do these numbers!

And Kanye has deserved every piece of fame and every dollar since then.  This is really a treasure. (I need a physical copy… however) Through Ye’s tragic accident and recovery, he still spit “Through the Wire” and stood true to his grind. I mean, the man escaped death; he HAD to become the mad genius we know now.  So just in case you had any excuse on why you can’t be great, understand that this promo CD back cover is worth plenty of inspirational and proven words.

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