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[Bars of the Day] Frank Ocean x Lost

Got on my buttercream silk shirt and it’s Versace
Hand me my triple weight
So I can weight the work I got on your girl (Too weird to live, too weird to die)
No I don’t really wish
I don’t wish the titties would show
No, have I ever
Have I ever let you get caught?

I. LOVE. THIS. SONG. First off, it reminds me of one of my favorite movies ever, Maria Full of Grace. If you never seen it, It’s about a Colombian girl who becomes a drug mule to come to NYC and shit gets very real (Captioned movie :all in Spanish:) Anywho, Frank really paints a drug mule and their pusher’s relationship in his perfected metaphoric way. So all the Chrissys  in every city and Tiffany Lanes, Frank is singing for you. 


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iTunes Snatch

You ever have a random song you just start rapping/singing at the most random times? Yeah, I do it all the time. This one in particular has one of my favorite Jay-Z verses (the second verse). It has the artist Aztek Escobar on it. I remember when Jay was trying to bring him in or whatever that may have been; wasn’t checking for it then and eye dee kay where he is now. Ennywehdoe, I had to make some of the lyrics Bars of the Day (right sidebar) so if you never heard it, here you go.

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Toast to the 2012 Graduates


First and foremost, shouts to all of the graduates of 2012!! Special shouts to St. John’s University and College of Professional Studies We AH’CHEA! For everyone conquering their dreams and those making your own path in this crazy thing called life,why not? Don’t let struggle defeat you; it will pass. Keep pushing. Keep grinding. We got this.

The world is ours. It’s all about the survival of the fittest. Who wants it the most? Who’s the hungriest? And most importantly (to me at least), the way you go about handling your business. It’s key. No matter what it is you strive to do, don’t let up on your hustle. Don’t ever think someone is not gunning for your spot. Perfect yourself and your craft. Keep in touch with your values, morals; your principles. Stay true to you.

In the words of a great one to another, “nobody built like you, you designed yourself.” 

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Video: Jay-Z Running all Towns

Two days ago, seeing the Made in America teaser had me… inquisitive. Not knowing if it was a music video for the record filmed through a kaleidoscope or a documentary, the Hova gawd spilled the beans by announcing the two-day Budweiser Made in America Music Festival. Jay stood side by side with the mayor of Philidelphia, Michael A. Nutter at a press conference mentioning the event is set for September 1st and 2nd, filled with 28 acts from hip-hop to jazz, and a portion of the proceeds will go to local non-profit organizations in Greater Philly and South Jerz through United Way. The Roots already hold it down for the Roots

Mind you, Barclays Center is due for opening at the end of September with Jay christening the stage first night.  Along with Rihanna, the two Roc Nation stars will star in BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend in London June 23-24; their cultural festival before the Olympic Games, starting July 27.

Hmph. 2012 summer will be realer than I thought.

Shouts to Rapdose on the footage.



Liked this? Check out Billboard’s interview with Jay!

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Video: Made In America (Teaser) Jay & Ye

….. I’m not exactly sure what this teaser is previewing, but…. I guess. 


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World’s Most Beautiful Queen Bey

The dominating Beyonce was crowned the World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2012 by People’s Magazine. You would believe one would love the title, but it actually makes Mrs. Carter feel “very crunchy and that means embarrassed.” The southern belle explains how the birth of Blue Ivy makes her feel the most beautiful and mommy Knowles is in fact the most beautiful in the world. The video includes some bloopers which, I believe, show exactly why Beyonce is the queen of it all.  She’s always been gorgeous, silly, and high-spirited. The crown has a custom fit if you ask me!

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