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[Visual] NY BACK! ASAP Rocky x French Cover XXL


Shouts to the Uptown doe. The Bronx Moroccan French Montana and Harlem’s pretty muhheffa cover the March/April issue of XXL. Big things for NY and these guys. They both have been making big noise in Hip-Hop and I’m sure there’s even bigger things unfolding as a type.

Excuse My French May 2013



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[Watch Out Now!] Kreemo

What do you do when you spend your money on the hottest hipster clothing when you finally realize you can make something more… dope? You uh.. do it and Brian Wright did exactly that. Cousins Brian and Lavan Wright and the homie, Desmond Attmore  put their New York state of mind together and came up with what they believed would be better than the Supreme, BBC, and Bape in their closets; Kreemo.

Four years later after the birth of tees with familiar signs/logos with a psychotic twist, Kreemo is becoming the talk of some known artist’s wardrobe this year. Worn by Lil’ Wayne, Wiz Khalifa,  and Machine Gun Kelly, I “beg to differ” if anyone feels Kreemo will not take off.  With many styles, Kreemo can be dressed to your liking; whenever, however. For all “…it won’t be a fad… it’s a lifestyle.” Combining the meanings behind the name (Creedmoor Psychiatric Center) and the original logo a ghost (ever seen one?), Kreemo is looking really good for the future. Check out their site. The web store is closed temporarily while they put the finishing touches on the new release, but feel free to get to know the young trio and their passion for music and fashion.

(left to right: Desmond, B. Wright, Lavan)




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Toast to the 2012 Graduates


First and foremost, shouts to all of the graduates of 2012!! Special shouts to St. John’s University and College of Professional Studies We AH’CHEA! For everyone conquering their dreams and those making your own path in this crazy thing called life,why not? Don’t let struggle defeat you; it will pass. Keep pushing. Keep grinding. We got this.

The world is ours. It’s all about the survival of the fittest. Who wants it the most? Who’s the hungriest? And most importantly (to me at least), the way you go about handling your business. It’s key. No matter what it is you strive to do, don’t let up on your hustle. Don’t ever think someone is not gunning for your spot. Perfect yourself and your craft. Keep in touch with your values, morals; your principles. Stay true to you.

In the words of a great one to another, “nobody built like you, you designed yourself.” 

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Skittles and Hoodies

“This is not a black and white thing. This is a right and wrong thing.” – Sybrina Fulton; Trayvon Martin’s mother

This past Wednesday,  New Yorkers  as well as the family of Trayvon Martin, joined together at Union Square to demand justice for the teenager’s death. Martin was shot and killed the night of February 26th by neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, on his way back from the convenient store in Florida. The rally marched from Union Square to Times Square dressed in hoodies and carrying a bag of Skittles (what Trayvon Martin’s was wearing and carrying the night of his murder) yelling, “no justice, no peace“.   Hundreds of people looking “suspitious” held signs high with dedication and pride that evening.

I was in attendance with friends and appreciated all of the people (all races, ages, and cultures) who came out to support the cause and understood the importance of this case. New York has dealt with a couple of issues  publicly similar to Trayvon’s, howver it is still something that happens everyday that is overlooked. Hopefully this penetrates the minds of those who feel racism isn’t alive or the way you dress can’t determine your fate. It’s a very sickening issue, however all the protest going on in schools, neighborhoods, and in different cites across the states eases the sorrow to know many are involoved.

 Many different issues were being addressed out there. Occupy Wall Street protesters joined us as well as Occupy the Dept. of Education, who were protesting about the city posting their students’ test scores in the newspaper. The Million Hoodie March was peaceful, yet powerful and I wish all the rallies going on nationwide are the same. Only we can protect we apparently so keep it up and take heed to what is going on.

Rest in peace Trayon Martin.

 God protect us.

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