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Word of the Day:


[kuh-NIP-shuhn] -n. – a fit of hysterical excitement or anger.

I tried all I could to make your show. Don’t have a conniption fit. It wasn’t on purpose. 

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Spring is Here!

Today is officially the first day of spring and the weather in New York City has been pretty cool. This morning was really foggy, but I can deal(my hair on the other hand…). I’ve been waiting for the  warm weather for too long, Mother Nature. ‘Preciate it.

In addition to the season, the skeetchies will be out– appropriately and inappropriately, cargos and v-necks will begin to start their takeover, cleaning will be done and things will be trashed (nothing is exempt), and the Ariens will mob with their ram ways.

This is just the prelude to the summer. I’m sure it’s going to be a hot and live one. So if you have been slacking at all, get it togeva. (you’ll get used to be typing like this)You have about three months to handle your life before then. Hit the treadmill, get in the library, prioritize, and tighten up.

So toast to pink toes in sandals, pastels, beaches,  Easter fly, and park dates.

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Word of the Day:


[VUR-nl] -adj. – appearing or occurring in spring; of or pertaining to spring; fresh, youthful.

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