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Loso x Soul Tape II

Street fih-didididaaam! After Fabolous kind of blew me with There Is No Competition 3, I kinda put him in timeout (I believe the first T.I.N.C. murders them all.) However, “So NY” is not bad and according to the Bad Guy (say hello!),  Soul Tape II will be dropping Nov. 22. I’m anticipating this one because Soul Tape was pretty well done. Already in love with the Soul Tape series style and context, I”m sure Fab has pulled some nice beats and samples for this second go ’round. We shall see.

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[Mood Tune] Riesling & Rolling Papers x Fabolous

I’ve recently been listening to random older mixtapes. I have these periods (which I’m sure, if you love music you do as well) where an old song is triggered in my head and I want to listen to all the music surrounding that time frame in Hip-Hop  or that artist. “I Don’t See Nobody” did that which made one of Fab’s best mixtapes, There Is No Competition, to be played repeated for about three days. I get into my music state of mind and decide TINC>TINC2>>>TINC3, totally forgetting that The Soul Tape diiiiiiiiiid drop. “Leaving U”, “Wolve in Sheep’s Clothing”, “Slow Down”, and “Riesling & Rolling Papers”… love those records.

Grabbing the Bars of the Day from the smooth Riesling & Rolling Papers, self-explanatory why Fabolous is one of my favorite rappers.

I’m down to earth like gravity, but man we up
Women get around me and they can-not keep their panties up/
Your boy drop jewels, you niggas should ante up
This is food for thought, you bitches fill the pantry up


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