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[Just Something Cool] Ohio State University Marching Band

Google always has something interesting posted as soon as I open Chrome. Today I happened to be a little more intrigued than usual. Ohio State University Marching Band is known for its amazing halftime performances at the football games. From designs  to video  themes, those who attend the games are in for a real show.

With that being said, this video (thanks to Handmrow Gobucks is from Ohio State vs Nebraska’s game October 6. This routine was a classic video games theme including Pac-Man, Pokemon, and Tetris. Peep  the 6:00 minute mark! With over 11.8 million views, it’s definitely worth it!

This was just amazing. I could appreciate a well organized, uniformed, and creative band. The fact that  the band life runs deep (I’m sure you’ve seen Drumline), I’m pretty confident that plenty of dedication, pride, and discipline goes into perfecting such a craft as in any art.

So shouts to the OSUMB for an entertaining performance!

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