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[Visual] Memories Back Then x T.I. + B.o.B. + Kendrick Lamar + Kris Stephens

I had to post this video because this is my ish. T.I.P., B.o.B. & Kendrick Lamar link up to share memories of past females in their lives while the beautiful songwriter, Kris Stephens, lays smooth vocals over beat produced by Maurice ‘Kenoe’ Jordan. T.I. has always had a great delivery so him opening this record was perfect. He explained the story of the hood jump I’m sure we all are familiar with.  B.o.B. did his thing  explaining how the one that got a way dipped because of groupie love and Kendrick came in for the finale with the bust down gold-digger  Shouts to that guy rippin’ everything. Every day I thank Compton for the sacrifice.

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[Visual] A$AP Ferg + A$AP Rocky + Schoolboy Q + Trinidad James + French Montana x |Behind the Scenes| Work Remix

I cannot wait until tomorrow to see the complete video of   Work Remix. A$AP Ferg is ah’chea. NY is ah’chea. Shouts to homie in the Coogi and hair bobos. Oh, Rocky was looking like Celie during his interview in the shade with the white collared shirt & one braid out. I love him though. Schoolboy Q, Bucket hat Puffy. They all look like they had a ball shooting this video. I’m tight I wasn’t there? oh.

Premieres on VEVO tomorrow.

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[Visual] Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe |Director’s Cut|

 Kendrick Luh-Mahr drops a visual to the crowd’s favorite. Loving the all white everything for the funeral, turn up scene (always celebrate life), open field shots & of course Mike Epps. Oh dear, he would be the one to actually attempt to baptize someone in alcohol.  At the end of the video, “Death to Molly” appears in white. Could this be the b*tch that kills vibes? Who knows considering the MDMA’s popularity has been skipping hand-in-hand with Mary through this hip-hop lane. I hope it dies soon. People get influenced much more easy now and I’m tired of the alleged Molly sweats. (woo!) And since shorty can lead you into other things that won’t just kill your vibe, I’d be careful.

But hey, whatever your vice.

However, peep Schoolboy Q‘s snippet of Man of the Year at the end.


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[Bars of the Day] Drag-On x Spit These Bars

Now if you don’t know me personally, you don’t know how much of a thug I am. Duh. But today’s pick for Bars of the Day solidifies my G. When I think of songs like this, it reminds me how much I live and breathe hip-hop culture on all of its levels. The whole Ruff Ryders movement had most of us screaming “Ruff Raaahhduuhhhz” and trying to pop wheelies on whatever allowed us. I remember always bumping my mom’s Opposite of H2O heaavyyy. To this day, I spit “Spit These Bars” off the top as if it was released within the last two years. Swizz blessed the hook and it was perfect for our 8-10 year old asses to sing along considering mothereffer would have easily fit perfectly.  Drag-On’s voice was similar to DMX, but a bit calmer; flow was nice nevertheless. The record was just…. Double R. Daws really it. Slick lyrics, raw beat, hood party track.

A-yo I spit these baaars to make ya head shake
Fuck bitches ’til the bed break/
Let’s see how much lead you can take
Never let a nigga pay for what I give away/
We can all share
Clip to my waist it’s all spare/
So run dammit, run 
When I bust my gun/
I miss none-
Put y’all in critical condition/
I’m the-talk’uhduh town when it comes to fuckin’ bitches
Or- layin’ niggas down/
Drag bust the most rounds

It took me so much not to write out all the lyrics and the video got me excited. *looks for a four wheeler.* Check it out.

Sings *do my laydaays, run this uhh-uhh? yes-they-do-run this mutha-uhh-uhh.*


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[iTunes Snatch] She x Tyler the Creator xx Frank Ocean

Both regular shuffle and the ultimate shuffle, Pandora, are the best things ever. Especially for those songs that you haven’t heard in forever and it comes on and radiance is all around your ear canals. :emoji praise hands:

She  by  Tyler The Creator ft. Frank Ocean is definitely one of those songs for me. I’ve been listening to Odd Future a lot lately. I gave Tyler a go for a small minute and couldnt deal, however Pandora kind of put me in a corner and I’m vibing despite the antichrist theme. Talented young boys. Plus I really just had to listen intently reminding myself that this is where Frank Ocean comes from so clearly he will be sanging on these tracks. (Analog 2 and White.. sheesh)

Enneywehdoe, Tyler’s creeped out lyrics describing his infatuation with the new girl on the block,  is laid over a beat I cannot get enough of. With Frank Ocean breaking up the lurk bars and smoothing out Tyler’s goblin love with a melody that makes the creepiness sound so charming.

Blinds wide open so he can see you in the dark when ya sleeping/ naked body fresh out the shower/ and you touch yourself after hours/
aint no man alloooowed in ya beedroom/ you’re sleeping alone in ya bed /check ya window…. he’s at ya window

(He opened the song so nice as well though) Not going to get into it all, but bottom line I love this song. The production, the lyrics, and the video are all fine with me.

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