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[iTunes Snatch] Wishing on a Star x Beyoncé

If you have never heard this song or even know where this song is from, you aren’t a real Beyoncé fan. #DontDebateMe But na, Live at Wembley is one of my favorite Beyoncé performances and I love her cover of this Rose Royce classic.

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[MoodTune] Earthquake x Lil’ Wayne

I was singing this song in my head since yesterday morning. Earthquake is always that playa tune for me. Definitely in the top favorite songs along with it’s original (R.I.P. Al Green). This was Tha Carter 2003-04 Wayne when he was nesting in the game for real. Seeing the video took me back to one of my favorite times in hip-hop. Errup Fresh was in the video being that guy! (I love Mannie Fresh, gawd) Shout’s to Baby, young Reginae and Wayne little dreads. (His hair helps tell the story of his whole career though) Jazze Pha made this song the groove absolutely. (I’m way mo’ fly than you/ I’ll take yo dime from you cus she wonna spend all night with mee-eeeee-eee) and Wayne’s verses were rockin’ (Bars of the day.) This song is the anthem until later on tonight. But then again, it’s always the jam.

I appreciate YouTube for things like this.

Sigh… I miss Wayne…

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[iTunes Snatch] She x Tyler the Creator xx Frank Ocean

Both regular shuffle and the ultimate shuffle, Pandora, are the best things ever. Especially for those songs that you haven’t heard in forever and it comes on and radiance is all around your ear canals. :emoji praise hands:

She  by  Tyler The Creator ft. Frank Ocean is definitely one of those songs for me. I’ve been listening to Odd Future a lot lately. I gave Tyler a go for a small minute and couldnt deal, however Pandora kind of put me in a corner and I’m vibing despite the antichrist theme. Talented young boys. Plus I really just had to listen intently reminding myself that this is where Frank Ocean comes from so clearly he will be sanging on these tracks. (Analog 2 and White.. sheesh)

Enneywehdoe, Tyler’s creeped out lyrics describing his infatuation with the new girl on the block,  is laid over a beat I cannot get enough of. With Frank Ocean breaking up the lurk bars and smoothing out Tyler’s goblin love with a melody that makes the creepiness sound so charming.

Blinds wide open so he can see you in the dark when ya sleeping/ naked body fresh out the shower/ and you touch yourself after hours/
aint no man alloooowed in ya beedroom/ you’re sleeping alone in ya bed /check ya window…. he’s at ya window

(He opened the song so nice as well though) Not going to get into it all, but bottom line I love this song. The production, the lyrics, and the video are all fine with me.

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[Song of the Day] Don’t Push Me

This is definitely one of those songs that come into my head randomly. A nice little throwback joint, but still a banger. 50, Em, and Banks were not the ones to push… at all. Shouts to Get Rich or Die Tryin’ being THAT album.

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iTunes Snatch

You ever have a random song you just start rapping/singing at the most random times? Yeah, I do it all the time. This one in particular has one of my favorite Jay-Z verses (the second verse). It has the artist Aztek Escobar on it. I remember when Jay was trying to bring him in or whatever that may have been; wasn’t checking for it then and eye dee kay where he is now. Ennywehdoe, I had to make some of the lyrics Bars of the Day (right sidebar) so if you never heard it, here you go.

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Video: Chris Paul’s Son Does “Blake Face”

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin speak at the postgame conference where little CP3 imitates the dunk gawd. Too cute.

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